Episode 1: Why We March?

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Episode:   How feminist activists mobilize women from different sections of society to demand their rights and celebrate themselves at the annual Aurat March.

Episode 2: How does the State plan to protect its poor?

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Episode:   What does social protection mean? Do we have any effective policies to help the most vulnerable? What do these policies look like in Pakistan's fragile economic landscape further impacted by Covid?

episode 3: pakistani students, intersectionality and the pandemic

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Episode:   covid-19 brought a host of uncertainties for pakistani students. learning losses amplified not only because of lack of internet access but because of students' class, gender, ethnicity and locality.

قسط ۴: پاکستان کی لیڈی ھیلتھ ورکرز کی خدمت اور جدوجہد

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Episode:   لیڈی ھیلتھ ورکرز کی تاریخ اور احتجاج کے بارے میں گفتگو

Episode 4: Pakistan's LHWs: A Story of Service and Struggle

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Episode:   Who are Lady Health Workers(LHW), and what has been their struggle? We unravel LHWs' history, mobilization and protests.

episode 5: child sexual abuse in pakistan

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Episode:   we unravel the complexities of child sexual abuse cases in pakistan and discuss the need for systemic change to stop this epidemic.

episode 6: fighting early and forced marriages in pakistan

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Episode:   we discuss early and forced marriages in the country and the impact that they have on girls and women from minority communities.